My name is Beth and I am a 30-something woman living in Seattle, Washington with my husband, Aaron and our two sons, Anderson and Jude.  I was born and raised in Seattle, a graduate of the University of Washington’s bachelor’s in journalism program, and I love to write!  In the past I have written for KOMO News, Seattle magazine, the University of Washington Daily and the West Seattle Herald.  I write unprofessionally on Facebook, in our annual family Christmas letter and, as of late, in various baby chat rooms as I navigate the new mother world. I spent 4 years helping my husband run the graphic art company he started, but phased out of that role to stay home and mother our first child, a baby boy born in March, 2013.  I started this blog as a platform to start writing somewhat regularly again, and to share some of my life experiences during this season of great transition with others who may benefit (or at least gain some amusement) from reading about them, as I have benefited from the written words and shared experiences of others.


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