Wake Me When it’s Over: The February Funk

I did not have a particularly good Valentine’s Day. 

Once Big Valentine got home from work, the sliver of the day AFTER we put Little Valentine to bed was mildly redeemed by an undeservedly large bouquet of flowers, a big juicy burger and an adorable display of mini desserts.  Thank you, Aaron.  You’re a good husband, even and especially on my bad days.  But pre-6pm was pretty rough. 

You see, Little Valentine did not get the memo about being a SWEETHEART to his mama on Valentine’s Day.  His memo somehow got lost in translation and HE THOUGHT it said to spend the day setting a record for whiniest, crankiest, pinchy-est, hair pulling-est (mine; he doesn’t have any) day ever.   With virtually no naps.  I love him dearly, but it was tough. 

 To quote my husband when he once famously exclaimed on a particularly maddening day at the office:  

 “I felt like Britney Spears the day she decided to shave her head.”

 I was REALLY tested.  And REALLY emotional.  And REALLY cabin-feverish due to a canceled date night and the squall outside my window preventing me from clearing my head with a nice soothing stroller walk. 

When Aaron got home I did The Hand-Off as if I were trying to permanently extend my arm length by a solid inch, and sprinted up the stairs to take my second shower in about as many hours.  Just for the alone time. 

February is a hard month for me. I’m guessing it might be for a lot of you other Northwesterners, too. The welcome wintry buzz of the holidays is long gone, the festive lights have been long packed away, and I swear everything is just…QUIETER. And at times a little funeral-like in tone.
I find myself deep in the trenches of the endless gray days of winter, each year remembering that while the calendar says it’s spring in March, boots and sweaters will remain in steady rotation easily into May.

Unfortunately, for most of us in the U.S., every day in February cannot look like this:
I felt like I won the lottery just to have TWO days that did.  I’ll bet if they did a poll of the one day of the year dedicated Seattleites were most likely to privately fantasize about jumping ship for Hawaii, Florida or Arizona, it would be right around February 15th.  
It’s hard you guys!!
Pass me the tissues and pull out the violins, please.
It’s not just the weather, of course. The weather is just the ‘safe’ thing to talk about in a crowd.
People simply aren’t as likely to say out loud:

 “I really need to up my anti-depressants this time of year”


 “I feel like crying every time I see the bachelorettes prancing around in bikinis with perfect abs Every. Monday. Night.”  In FEBRUARY.
If one were to do a “Facebook cleanse,” I would advocate February is the best month to do it.  For one thing it’s the shortest, and I’m all about attainable goals. I think it may also be the rainiest month, even though it’s the shortest. Which means we have way too much time trapped inside being antisocial on our laptops, comparing ourselves to other people, which just isn’t healthy.
And if you’re single, you can totally bypass all the outrageously romantic things people did for each other then posted on Facebook on Valentine’s Day.   You can just watch The Bachelor instead. 
I’m not really sure what to do to make February feel better, aside from refusing to leave Arizona next time. Make more time with friends who also have the February Blues? Run like hell when the rain gives way to a 30 minute sun break? Remember that feeling in late August  with no AC when it was too hot to fall asleep and I was SO ready for summer to be over?
Blah blah blah. That is how I feel about those ideas.   I need some new ones. 
How do you beat the winter blues???

My pedicure is falling short of the sunshine-in-a-bottle hopes I had for it.  19 puddles in to my walk back to the car I was chillingly reminded:

It’s still February 15th


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