Welcome, Anderson!

Welcome, Anderson!

My how my life has changed since I last wrote for this blog!  Introducing my beautiful baby boy!


Aaron and I welcomed our son, Anderson David, on March 6th.  As promised at the end of my last blog entry, I now have a baby (and many many baby accessories) at home, am no longer pregnant – and our child even has a name! The story behind the ultimate name decision is somewhat anticlimactic.  In the end, it just felt right, and once we were at the hospital and filling out the birth certificate paperwork, we never thought twice about it.  Funny how most of the things we stress about really aren’t worth stressing about, huh?

I really have been dying to get back to writing, and to share a bit about Anderson’s birth story and what this first month (ONE MONTH already – crazy!) has been like.  First of all, all the things you hear over and over and over again about having a baby are starkly true – you sleep less, you shower sparingly, live in yoga/pj pants, and know a love you’ve never known before.  From the moment he was born life has truly been a nonstop whirlwind – a cozy, messy, sleepy, calm, exciting, loud, quiet, beautiful adventurous ride that knows no bounds.  Rhyme, reason, schedule and structure of life before baby are gone.  But it’s the best, most beautiful kind of clutter, constancy and sometimes chaos you’ll ever know.


A bit about giving birth:  I could write pages and pages just about the 48 hours we spent in the hospital, but I’ll try and condense.  In short it was the most magical, sacred, empowering and surreal experience of my life.  It also went as well (in fact, better – thank you, epidural!) than I ever could have hoped and for that I am so grateful.  Call me crazy, but I’m actually already looking forward to doing it again someday.  Does that sound crazy?

I want to share some personal photos from that very special time that I haven’t shared on facebook or with anyone else.  I think they will really help tell the story of our journey bringing Anderson into this world, and his precious first hours of life.

Here is a picture of me just after being admitted to the hospital.  I was so excited to be there and so ready to get this labor going!


I was induced on Pitocin due to low amniotic fluid (apparently not too uncommon when past your due date, as I was). That revved up my contractions, and after about 6 hours of gradually increasing contractions, I requested an epidural, which was always my plan.  Kudos to those iron women who brave labor without one, but that is not for me and I am a huge fan of this medical marvel – it is a godsend!!  I was blessed to have my awesome husband by my side, feeding me ice chips, watching Jeopardy with me in the early stages of labor, slow-dancing me through the pain of the later stages, sleeping in a windowsill for two nights, and holding up my numb legs for hours as I worked to bring our son into the world.  I also had an incredibly competent and nurturing nurse who made me feel so assured, comfortable and prepared each step of the way. Way to go nurses, and way to go Swedish for its 1-1 nurse-patient ratio – it was so wonderful to have the undivided attention of my nurse for 12 hours straight at such an intimate, sensitive time.  Rounding out the team, I truly felt I couldn’t have been in better hands with my delivery doctor and anesthesiologist who were both absolute professionals, calmed my fears and my pain, and delivered my son safely into my arms.  Thank you!!!


I think I was awake for roughly 30 hours straight throughout labor and delivery and Anderson’s first day of life.  Yes, I was tired, but it’s amazing how your body sustains you and gets by on pure adrenaline and elation.  That first day we were just absolutely consumed with holding him, feeding him, smelling him, staring at him, watching him sleep.  We were immediately in love and fiercely protective over our new son.  As much as people try to describe how amazing becoming a parent is, there are no words that can truly prepare you. No description can substitute for experiencing it yourself.

This photo perfectly captures that first day and night with him.  I was holding him in my hospital bed during one of our many overnight wake-ups/feedings.  As exhausted and “running on fumes” as I was, I had never held anyone or anything so gratefully, so protectively, so….never wanting to let go.  This was a deeply tender moment that I vividly remember, and I’m so glad we captured it:ImageHere is our first family photo in the hospital:

ImageA sweet shot with Aaron:


And a few of the many moments we’ve experienced in our “baby bubble” getting the hang of parenting a little more each day, this first month back at home….

His first bath:

ImageAaron grooming him to take over the family business (during a diaper change, of course – never too early to multi-task!):

ImageFirst “Starbucks run” (coffee is our friend!!):

ImageCuddles on the couch:

ImageFirst Easter as a family:

ImageAnd here we are.  It’s good to be home.


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  1. This was so fun to read! I have been dying to hear the birth story. I am glad it went relatively well considering the many alternatives. He is so cute and I can’t wait to meet him at Christmas!! 🙂

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