Christmas Decor on a Dime

Christmas Decor on a Dime

So, I’ve really really been wanting to start decorating our home for Christmas, but have had a few obstacles….

1) My SUV is in the shop

2)  Because my SUV is in the shop, we are left with Aaron’s sexy yet very un-SUVish sports car, which pretty much makes hauling a Christmas tree home anytime soon out of the question.

3)  On days Aaron works and I am home, I have NO car.  It has been this way for almost a month now, and my saving graces have been that A) we were traveling half of November anyway, and B) Amazon Fresh delivers all my groceries (I could write many a blog entry on my love affair with this genius shopping system – I am an addict).

So this morning, after reading’s 25-day forecast (yes, the “accuracy” of any 25-day forecast is highly debatable, but we’ll leave that for another day…) – I was delighted to see 4 (FOUR!) days of SNOW on the horizon.  Once it was clear that snow AND Christmas were officially on their way, I felt I could hold off on this home decorating no longer.

Normally, I would beeline it to Target for my decorating needs, and maybe Pier 1 Imports or a bit of Pottery Barn for good measure.  But today, carless and on a mission, I limited myself to a 4-block, within-walking-distance shopping radius, which included this fine retailer:

and this one:

Sure, there are some upscale boutiques in my neighborhood with fabulous candles, ornaments, table runners and more – but I thought limiting myself to Safeway and Bartell’s and seeing what I could come up with would make for a much more interesting story.

Between these 2 stores, I ended up purchasing just 5 items that I can use to decorate most of the main rooms in my house:  dry, whole cranberries, in-the-shell mixed nuts, cinnamon candles, one fresh poinsettia, and a stunner of a Nutcracker that I scored on sale at Bartell’s for $9.99.  Sure, I still have more decorating I will want to do once I have a car and a tree, but considering my limited resources today, I don’t think this was a half-bad way to kick things off.

I gathered some glass vases and jars, candle holders and basic white tea lights and candles that I already had at home, and used the nuts and berries to add some festive texture and color, creating several attractive centerpieces and accents.

Exhibit A (dining room hutch):

Exhibit B (coffee table):

Exhibit C (bathroom):

Exhibit D (bathroom):

Exhibit E (dining room table):

Here’s my new nutcracker hanging out with one of my creations.  Isn’t he cute?

And a poinsettia for the porch:


Nutcracker – $9.99 at Bartell’s

Cinnamon candles – between $4 and $5 each at Bartell’s

Cranberries – $3.49 a bag at Safeway

Mixed nuts – $7.99 a bag at Safeway

Large wrapped poinsettia – $13.99 at Safeway

I must say, I like my decorations even more than my neighbor’s:

And it looks like he dropped some dough on his.

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